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Welcome to the PressClub Centre of Alberta

Welcome Message from the President of BPCA

It is my great honor and pleasure to express outright my sincerest and warmest greetings thanks to all of you who are visiting our BPCA website.

The BPCA website has become an extremely important portal for all of us to be able to be connected with the media organizations, stakeholders, sponsors, news sources and to the members, each other.

Today BPCA is not a large organization but it has enormous importance to all over the community and it demands attention all over the world.

President Delwar Jahid of Bangladesh PressClub Centre of Alberta (BPCA)

President Delwar Jahid of Bangladesh PressClub Centre of Alberta (BPCA)

It's a professional organization therefore it has target to become or to bring true professionalism. We want to exercise and follow the knowledge, responsiveness, universal personalities, and compassion, also always set an example for the people of our trade and to the society.

Now a day, information technology has helped dissemination of information, knowledge, and documentation at much faster pace so website is an important factor to communicate and to connect with the people.

In and from the spirit of the innovative history of the University of MacEwan, BPCA has begun its journey from May 1st, 2014 on the occasion of International Labor Day.

The BPCA wants to gradually develop it’s website and be one such destination of each professional journalist what they seek what they wishes to have in a professional website.

It could be best practices of governance, policies, rules and regulations and also fellowship. It should be a portrait or a true showcase of all the activities undertaken by the talented members of the organization.

We definitely should be able to create a resourceful website with a source of updated & correct information, standardization, data collection & documentation as its foundation stones towards achieving the unreached goals that we foresee in the immediate future.

We are looking forward with our “Nobility, Solidarity, and Unity” and want to have resourceful media of communication for BPCA.

Thanks and God Bless!

Delwar Jahid
President, BPCA.